The Self-Love Haven

Every woman deserves to fall in love with herself.

TruleMe wants to help women to lead happier and more fulfilled lives, filled with confidence. We are two female entrepreneurs who want to share the message of self-love and support the mental well-being of women.

Who are we?

We are two life coaches and female entrepreneurs from Helsinki, Finland: Vivian Maar and Jessi Christian. As immigrant women, we know what it’s like to stand up for ourselves and to overcome adversity.

Time and time again, we saw our coaching clients struggle to find their voice, to set healthy boundaries, and let go of the inner critic. That is why we decided to create TruleMe to guide women back to loving themselves and creating a healthier, more resilient lifestyle.

How do we work?

We created a digital service for women to get easily accessible courses and training to learn the tools to manage negative thinking, to set boundaries, learn self care and show up confident in this world.

Why collaboration is key

Instead of fighting each other, we want to lift each other up to grow together. This value also comes into our business model. We’re curious to talk with you about how we can find synergies with your organization. No matter if you are a coach looking for a partner in co-creating courses, a researcher of female mental well-being, or a lifestyle brand for women – we want to hear from you.

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Want more?

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